Treating the skin’s surface at the same time as you correct the face’s volumes is A MUST.

An aging face can be treated by correcting its shape, volumes and shadows, but this alone will not achieve an overall youthful look that satisfies the patient’s expectations.

Working on the skin’s quality, or rather texture, contributes to the face’s uniformity and positive energy, while conserving the authenticity of the patient’s expressions and personality.egerie-filorga

Any “rejuvenating” procedures, whether through surgery, toxins or fillers, should be associated with a “final touch” that improves the skin’s texture and radiance for a fully finished result. It is necessary that any treatment plan includes surface treatments, as opposed to offering them as a secondary procedure, so that the results obtained fulfil the patient’s expectations. A face whose shape and volumes reflect the youthful ideal of beauty might be betrayed by damaged, aged or neglected skin.

The standard of results expected by patients is evolving: women now wish to conserve the volumes and expressions of their youth while also displaying beautiful, fresh skin that evokes wellbeing and attractiveness.

In a society which places the cult of youth and high performance on a pedestal, our appearance now plays more of a role than ever before. The relationship between skin radiance and self-confidence is becoming more and more real in everyday life. This demand is not always expressed explicitly, but is experienced in times of tiredness, stress and sadness.

*« Faut-il être beau pour réussir ? Chirurgie esthétique et image de soi » by the Doctor Sylvie Poignonec and Marie-Pierre Santier

Skin quality: a sign of how well you take care of yourself

The definition of perfect skin is skin that is healthy, hydrated, glow, uniform, blemish-free, smooth, wrinkle-free, firm and toned with no visible pores or sagging. Healthy skin is a sign of a mindful, radiant and disciplined personality.

A “healthy skin habit” shows that the skin is cared for on a daily basis, with a comprehensive anti-aging routine that enables the person to age gracefully, and shows that they have a good quality of life.

High quality skin reflects energy, youth, health, confidence, conviviality and empathy.

FILORGA’s principle

For more than 35 years, FILORGA Laboratories have developed holistic care to enable women to have beautiful skin regardless of their age, with medical and cosmetic anti-aging products that boast quality ingredients and sensuous textures, and are adapted to suit all skin types.

The secret of combined therapies to optimise skin quality: treating the different layers in several stages and using various stimuli

  • Chemical with peels: This is the first stage, which creates a new skin surface and reboosts cell activity
  • Nutritional with mesotherapy, hyaluronic acid and cosmetics: They provide essential ingredients for fibroblast activity and protection
  • Energetic with phototherapy using LEDs: Light stimulates the mitochondria’s production of ATP, which is required for the cells to function properly
  • Mechanical with various different injection techniques (superficial epidermal, mid-dermal, or rollers): to stimulate a peak in FGF (fibroblast growth factors)

These synergic and gentle surface treatments, carried out regularly over the year, give the skin cells a boost, efficiently preventing aging over the long term to maintain good skin quality.

Docteur Sylvie Poignonec

Qualified plastic surgeon, member of the French Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SOFCPRE), the French Society of Plastic Surgery and Esthetics of the face and neck

She is also a holder of the EUROPEAN BOARD of Plastic Surgery (EBOPRAS).

She is the author of les solutions et conseils de mon chirurgien », Ambre édition 2013 and “Faut il être beau pour réussir? “ La boite à pandore edition, in collaboration with Marie-Pierre Samitier

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