Dr. Ghislaine Beilin, Vice présidente FSMEA, at the upcoming AMWC as she presents her findings with Pollogen’s new  Hybrid Energy Technology.
Hybrid Energy Technology  : A novel technology for wrinkle treatment, acne scars & volume refilling.
Hybrid Technology
AMWC Conference * April 5 2013, 08:30 * Room Van Dongen

Dr. Ghislaine Beilin, will present Pollogen’s Hybrid Energy Technology for effective, painless and safe non-surgical wrinkle reduction, skin renewal and texture improvement.
Significant dermal enhancement with minimal epidermal response. Auto production of hyaluronic acid, collagen production & elastin growth. Safe and virtually painless ‘walk in – walk out’ procedure. Immediate and long lasting results – high patient satisfaction. Broad range of treatment combinations. Clinically proven.

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