During the AMWC meeting in Monaco, TSK Laboratory Europe B.V. introduced a new BoNT injection syringe, the 3Dose™ Dose Injection Syringe. The new 3Dose™ Syringe is a disposable dose injection syringe that allows for an accurate, consistent and easier method of injecting toxin. The two critical variables during toxin injections are the amount of toxin injected and the anatomical place where the toxin is being injected. With the new 3Dose™ injection syringe the amount of toxin is always consistent, and an adjustable clicker system allows for an easy and precise dose injection of 0.025ml, 0.04ml and 0.05ml. These set volumes are compatible with all toxins and can easily be selected by turning the ergonomic designed plunger that displays the appropriate unit scale.  The 3Dose™ 1.0ml low dead-space syringe comes packed with two 33G, 13mm low dead-space needles. No additional training or change of injection technique is required.


  1. 1.     DOSE ACCURACY

Regular syringes are subject to significant tolerance in accuracy, and this is being exuberated during small volume injections where errors increase cumulatively during a procedure. Volumes smaller than 0.1ml are difficult to administer accurately and consistently. This affects the overall result of the procedure, thus justifying a new method for accurate injections. The 3Dose™ syringe has a plunger that can be turned to select the desired injection volumes of 0.025ml, 0.04ml and 0.05ml, and every click administers a precise selected dose without the risk of over/under dose injection.


Accurate documentation of dosage used is important to achieve the personal toxin effect and reproducible results in subsequent treatments. With the 3Dose™ syringe, variables are eliminated and consistent results can be expected while closely meeting the desired patient outcome.

  1. 3.     EASE OF USE

After filling the syringe and setting the desirable dose volume, the focus can be on the patient instead of the syringe. An audible and tactile click gives feedback when one precise dose is injected, and the procedure can be repeated without having to reference the ml scale on the syringe.  The display conveniently shows how many units remain in the syringe.


The combination of injecting the exact dose, the low dead-space syringe and the low-dead space 33G needle results in minimum product loss. When using a regular syringe product loss can add up to 0.85ml of toxin. This means significant cost savings. Leakage or pop-off is prevented by a perfect press fit between the secure luer lock connection and the needle hub.


The 3Dose™ syringe comes packed with two 33G, 13mm micro needles from TSK.  They are 22% thinner compared to a standard 30G needle, greatly reducing patient discomfort.  The needles can be replaced when the sharpness is compromised after multiple injections. This assures a nearly painless injection experience.

TSK Laboratory can be contacted at their European office in The Netherlands.

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For questions about this press release please contact Doris de Beer at debeer@tsklab.com



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